Are we doing okay as a species?

All of the challenges we face on this planet—poverty, pollution, violence, climate change, habitat destruction, hunger and lack of access to education, health care and other basic services—have, at their root, a single common denominator: us, humanity.

Consequently, the solutions to these crises share the same common feature: for the world to change, we must change.

The journey from this world to a world of peace, justice and freedom, is a spiritual journey. Although technical solutions are essential, without the spiritual progress necessary to sustain them such measures will never realize their full power.

Global Sabbath is about taking this journey. It is about developing the strength to transform ourselves. The ancient vision of the Sabbath, the culmination of the creation story, is one of gradual spiritual evolution. The Sabbath unfolds in three layers—the daylong Sabbath, the yearlong “Earth’s Sabbath” and the Jubilee Year. These progressive levels represent deepening stages of spiritual transformation, and contain profound insights for the steady attainment of our highest potential in every realm—personal, social, economic, political, environmental and spiritual.

At every level, the Sabbath invites us to slow down, step back and let go. It calls upon us to expand our perspective, to connect to what is truly important and align our lives accordingly. It encourages us to share this world and cultivate peace—with one another, with the earth, and within.

Global Sabbath is about answering this sacred invitation in a way that makes sense for all of us today. Our role is not to persuade everyone to keep a traditional Sabbath, beautiful as that might be, but to share and adapt the Sabbath’s practical wisdom to help us bring the world of peace we long for in our deepest hearts.

Global Sabbath is meant for anyone—of any religion, age, sex, creed, race, country or capacity. Our common denominator will be the sense that we can change, that we have the capacity to live in a world of peace, justice and freedom, and that we each have a role to play in doing so. Our shared bond will be the will to make this happen.

Over the coming months we will be launching a series of concrete initiatives, from community retreats to regional dialogues and international campaigns.

This is the seed, the beginning—You. Here. Now.

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